Visit from Shenzhens Vice Mayor Mr. Ai Xuefeng and his Delegation

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  • Vice Mayor Ai Xuefeng
    Vice Mayor Ai Xuefeng
    Giving a Speach
  • Vice Mayor Ai Xuefeng together with SCEA Chairman Zhang
    Vice Mayor Ai Xuefeng together with SCEA Chairman Zhang
  • Gunnar Björkman
    Gunnar Björkman
    Director of Innovation Stockholm Stad
  • Group Photo at Grand Hotel
    Group Photo at Grand Hotel
    Vice. Mayor Ai Xuefeng and his delegation, Qiu Zhuren and her delegation, representatives from SCEA, the Karolinska Institute, the Embassy of China, Huawei, Almi Invest with others.


This Monday, on September 19th, SCEA had the opportunity to welcome two delegations to Stockholm. The delegation of Shenzhens vice mayor Mr. Ai Xuefeng as well as the Deputy Director of Science, Technology and innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.

During the day the two delegations  visited the Karolinska Institiute two discuss future cooperation opportunities.  They also visited the “silicon valley” of Sweden – Kista Science Center.

Shenzhen is a major city in China with over 20 million residents. Another interesting fact about Shenzhen is that the city contributes with almost half of all new patents that are registered in China every year. It is a city widely known for its innovation capabilities.

The day ended with an event organised by the Sweden China Entrepreneur Association held at the famous Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Except for the two delegations, this event was also attended by the Innovation Director of Stockholm city  Mr Gunnar Björkman, representatives from Karolinska institute, Mr Han Xiao Dong from the Embassy of China as well as some honoured guests and members. During the evening all parties got to discuss future relations and cooperation opportunities under a relaxed setting.

The two delegations were very happy with their visit in Sweden and look forward to future cooperation with SCEA.