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Who we are
A platform for Chinese and Swedish Entrepreneurs

The Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association (SCEA) is a Chamber of Commerce organized for Swedish and Chinese entrepreneurs. The association was founded in November 2015 in Stockholm.The association focus on establishing partnerships between Swedish and Chinese entities, particularly in areas such as sustainable development, environment protection, energy saving, clean energy development, bio-medicine, electronics and information technology.The association is committed to provide a transnational bridge and a cooperative platform for its members. We accept members originating from various fields; from scientific research organs, to financial institutes, trade partners or tech startups. Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization.

  • One of SCEAs goals is to provide an extensive exchange platform for our members.

  • SCEA organise various corporative activities and events with the purpose of promoting mutual understandings between Swedish and Chinese entrepreneurs and companies.

  • SCEA present local investment opportunities to Chinese investors and assist them with the investment process.

  • SCEA help Swedish entrepreneurs communicate and cooperate with Chinese entrepreneurs and investors, especially in the fields of technology and innovation.

Our Team

Qiaozhen Zhang

Founder and President of Kong Wah Group. Renowned entrepreneur in China. Founder and President of Rongtai Investment AB. Founder of SCEA.

Hu Lifu

Vice Chairman

Luping Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

Joanna Wang

Fluent in English and Swedish. Chinese as Mother-tongue. Engaged in medicine, trading, hotel, real-estate fields. Familiar with Swedish company law, tax system, legal affairs

Wang Yuli

Information Consultant

Tommy Li

Information Consultant

Li Yao


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