16th November 2016

Zhang Qiaozhen

Zhang Qiaozhen

  • Chairman of SCEA.
  • Founder and president of Kong Wah Group.
  • Renowned entrepreneur in China.
  • In 1984, in response to the national call to support the construction of the SAR, Mrs. Zhang and her family moved to Shenzhen, China 's leading city of implementing the reform and opening-up policy. With her hardworking and diligent spirit and strong willingness to learn, Mrs. Zhang raised from grassroots step by step with the development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.
  • In 2011, Mrs. Zhang turned her attention to Sweden, the world's leading scientific and technological innovation country. Over the years, in addition to investing in industries, she communicated and cooperated with the local technology field, financial sector as well as Chinese entrepreneurs in Sweden, the Nordic fairy tale kingdom. Sweden-China Entrepreneurs Association was established on this basis. Since the founding of the association, Chairman Zhang devoted a great deal of enthusiasm, actively invested resources to the development and construction of the association which made it to be the leading local Chinese community in the aspects of the hardware capacity, human resources and external development, etc.

Both Ms. Zhangs professional network as well as her private network is very extensive. She has connections in almost every sector and industry in China. In addition she is very well known in the Chinese Swedish Community.


As the president, founder and chairman of several organisations and entities Ms. Zhang is a competent leader. She believes in a modern leadership and always try to nurture the innovation of her employees.


Ms. Zhang is a self thought entrepreneur and discovers business opportunities around every corner.